2008-01-05 08:00:04 by Raven2005

destructeris ... :-D


funny old sucking people ...

2007-12-20 14:39:10 by Raven2005

Flash Movie: Quasimodo's Quasi Advice
December 12, 2007 von-Brunk responds:

I don't like your reviews. I don't like your faggy emo skater style and your grammar quality is bad.

---->hmm maybe he´s right ... my grammar quality is bad ... my spelling seems to be bad too
but i still get a "2" ( good ) in my exams and stuff

and one word to my faggy emo skater style .. yes it´s right ... i´m a skater ..u got me old man ... but realy don´t call me an emo .. maybe you should take a look into a mirror or something i don´t call you and old fat sucking wonnebee satanic or something , right ?

funny old sucking people ...

more music

2007-09-25 14:39:26 by Raven2005

more of my crapy music will be submited to ng soon xD

those songs are quite old ... i´ve made them in summer 2005\6 ...
played on private partys hosted by friends ...

i hope that they will find a use on ng ^^